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Website Tune Up Services


Your website is made up of complex HTML data read by search engines working together to ensure that your website runs properly and ranks well. Over time, however, search engine algorithms change resulting in a loss of search engine rankings and technology. Here you’ll learn what a SEO website tune-up is, with tips to help you know when it’s time for a website tune up. Our coders at SEO Training Service are trained to work on all forms of web language with Wc3 validation standards including (PHP, ASP, WordPress, ColdFusion, HTML, etc…) We’re here to help fix and perform routine maintenance on your website which will boost your search engine rankings.

What is a Website Tune-Up?

SEO training service offers comprehensive website tune up services and basically we do a throughout job of fixing any problems including broken links, keyword: density, saturation, content placement, WordPress plugins and warnings with a Wc3 validation seal of approval. Keeping up with the latest search engine algorithms is important if your business wants to stay competitive and our seo experts will provide a free quote and will write up a comprehensive summary of what was fixed and recommend what to do to keep your website ranked well.

Clean unique content is the driving force of your website and is the power to increase your websites rankings. Spam, duplicate content, duplicate images can all have a negative effect with your sites performance and contribute to lower search engine rankings. This is why we do a do a thorough examination on your website when you sign up, and why we recommend and provide you with a detailed guide on how to keep your website tuned up to be competitive online.

Time For a Website Tune-Up?

Website SEO Tune-up engine diagram example


It may be time for a “SEO tune-up” if you notice one or more of the conditions below when monitoring your website:

  • a decrease in search engine ranking
  • a noticeable decrease in page load times
  • your website in the sand box or is De-indexed (removed from the SERP’s)
  • website getting errors or not functioning properly
  • an error happened when you attempted to fix it yourself
  • a service to give you the edge against the competition
  • a noticeable jump in the search engine rankings

Website Tune Up Services

Every website has different needs, depending on it’s functions and search engine friendly design. That’s why we offer a range of website services, from our basic service to advanced service repairs and include:

Basic Website Tuneup – $149

  • Wc3 Validation
  • Any errors or bug fixes
  • Homepage Images optimization
  • Title, description, 3 keyword research optimization for recommended changes to your site

Advanced Website Tuneup – $299

  •  Wc3 Validation
  • Any errors or bug fixes
  • Homepage Images optimization
  • Title, description, 5 keyword research optimization and on-page optimization on your site (need ftp or WordPress admin access)
  • Panda/Penguin friendly submission to 20 sites that offer PR8-9 Backlinks – Root PR8-9 (main) domains Anchor Text (14/20) Do Follow (16/20)  Different IP’s (20/20) with a detailed report

Website Tune Up Guarantee

We promise that the website SEO tune up services we perform will be fixed right the first time. We are so confident with our website tuneup services that if you do not see positive changes in your SERP’s (search engine result positions) or having your site work more efficiently within a reasonable amount of time (1 month) for search engines to crawl your site for the changes, we offer a money back guarantee*.

*Websites that have been De-indexed, banned or are in Google’s sandbox for black hat SEO purposes this offer does not apply. To qualify for money back guarantee, send us your domain name, date of sign up and keywords and we will research the before/after results and return your funds if  no positive rankings occurred within 5 business days.
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