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Negative SEO

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team recently released an informative update video on Youtube about negative SEO. For webmasters who have experienced negative SEO for their website, he explains how webmasters can fight back.

Recently this subject has been talked about on the web, where webmasters were attacked by finding out that a bunch of new links of their website on link farm sites and websites that were considered spam sites. They did not place links of their site on these spam websites, what they found out is that their competition had added links on these sites and they would send emails to webmasters threatening to pay lots of money to have them removed from these spam sites. Blackhat SEO’s would target a site that was doing well in the SERP’s and add links to these “bad sites” to them. Then the blackhat would contact the webmaster and demand a large payment and would promise to remove the offensive links. In addition to this blackhat technique, competing webmasters would try to knockout their competition by adding bad links to sites that were doing better than them in the SERP’s in hope of them dropping below of them in the Google ranks.

This became a huge problem for many webmasters, and many of them complained because all of their hard work would be lost over night.

Matt Cutts had responded by announcing that Google had a tool for these negative SEO practices. In his YouTube video, Matt explains with every new algorithms defense releases (penguin/panda updates), they have several different safeguards in place to protect webmasters from these types of attacks which protect them from the bad guys who want to destroy their hard work and manipulate the search engines to out rank them. He also explains that these new tools are not perfect, but definitely help with every new release and update that roll out.

If you find out that a competitor has added bad links to your site, you can now login to Google webmaster tools and select “disavow links” tool to help your site not get punished for being associated in these “bad neighborhood” sites and you will be free of these negative SEO attack practices.

For those webmasters who use blackhat SEO techniques to try to outrank the competition, you are wasting your time and would recommend that you focus on quality content and building your link popularity to relevant, high quality websites. “Content is King!”

For positive SEO, become known as the authority in your niche and network with peers and high quality sources. This way you will build long lasting white hat SEO techniques and will generate truly organic traffic. Once your site becomes a success, it will begin to rank well in the SERP’s naturally and you will never have to worry about negative SEO again!


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