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Google SEO

Google SEO

SeoTrainingService.com is offering some basic Google SEO (search engine optimization) training tips to help website owners get closer to the first page of Google search engine results and increase PR (page rank). With around 80% of people searching using Google as their main search engine, website owners should be doing their research on how to rank well on Google. Doing this means you must learn SEO in order to be competitive.

The goal of doing effective SEO for your website is to rank well in Google and more important to rank above your competition. With Google’s continuous algorithm updates, SEO is constantly changing. It seems there is always something new to learn in order to maintain or increase Page Rank (a link analysis algorithm with a value from 1-10) status for your website. The higher your page rank, the better. This means that value of your incoming links increases your page rank and by linking to pages with a PR4 or higher increases your PR. SEO professionals refer to it as “link juice”.

There are several ways to effectively create a well search engine optimized website to increase page rank in Google, so that your site can be on the first page of search engine results. The term White Hat SEO is described often as a technique that adheres to search engine guidelines and is not deceptive in nature.

The first and most important step is to provide quality content that is written for humans, rather than search engine spiders. For over a decade, SeoTrainingService.com has stressed the importance of offering high quality content. Hence the term, “Content is king,” coined and typically used by SEO companies and webmasters. When writing content, focus on keywords by choosing those that have the most relevance to the content you provide.

With so much online competition, people have found ways to manipulate the search engines and artificially rank well above their competition using different tricks to fool the search engines. This form of SEO is called Black Hat SEO or Bad SEO and involves practices such as keyword stuffing; duplicate content, invisible text, cloaking, redirects, cross linking, paid links and link farms.

Some tips for White Hat SEO are creating high quality updated content and make it relevant to the topic of your website. The goal is to have readers stay on your page because they were able to easily find what they were looking for. Make sure the content is available to readers immediately upon clicking onto your page, instead of having to scroll and scan in order to locate it. Just as you create content that are relevant to your topic, you want to be certain that choosing the correct keywords and placing them on the correct part of your page is important as well. Google offers a keyword tool, Google.com/adwords that can help you determine the best keywords to use in your content.

Last, but not least, back-links are important. You can create a number of your own back-links using social bookmarking sites, blogs, online directories and comment reviews. Guest posting for other websites and providing social media links such as Twitter, Facebook, and many more links to allow readers to easily share your content.

The Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are constantly changing, and were designed to help clean up the web and reward or punish websites by ranking them accordingly. The most important lesson we can learn is to take the extra effort to provide quality, relevant content to your website viewers is worthwhile.

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