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Free Backlinks

Automatic Backlinks ToolLooking for a way to get free backlinks for your website? Get a large amount of backlinks automatically with the press of a button and also get your site pinged as well.

Getting backlinks for your site can be time consuming and sometimes difficult. This is an alternative and easy way to get a large number of backlinks to your site/blog. These backlinks are not guaranteed and are not considered to be high quality.

Here is a list of some of the best sites to create bulk automatic backlinks. This technique of getting a large amount of backlinks in a short period of time can be considered as a black hat SEO method of internet marketing. I recommend selecting the least amount of backinks automatically vs. selecting the largest amount because of the way the web is evolving with search engine optimization tactics.

Remember “less is more” is what always to keep in mind when practicing safe internet marketing techniques of promoting your or your clients website(s). Google will rank sites better that have done natural link building and be wary of techniques where the SEO seems unnatural for services that add thousands of links vs. what is humanly possible like a couple hundred of links a day.

Here is a few sites that are considered trustworthy from the internet marketing community:

Markosweb.com/addsite – This automated service is one of my personal favorites. Add the URL and ping it and see the detailed statistics of your blog with a list of live results.

Woorank.com – This service is similar to Marksoweb and offers a large amount of links to submit too. Just add your blogs URL and submit it to see the results.

Auto Backlink Generator – This site adds nearly 300 or so backlinks by submitting your URL and pinging them individually.

PingBomb.com – This website is similar to other automated Ping and backlink sites and lists them in a nice format for your review.

IM Talk – This is the best site of the 5 listed here in my opinion. Just add your URL and keywords and then submit. This service takes some time and you can select the number of backlinks you want to create… Keep in mind “Less is more.”

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