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DoFollow High PR Directory List

DoFollow High PR directory list of SEO friendly directories are still important in the search engine optimization process of link building.  Submitting your site to relevant high PR (page rank) directories is important to Google search rankings.

Here is a short list of do follow high page rank seo friendly directory lists that webmasters can submit websites to:

  1. www.FreeWebSubmission.com
  2. www.mastersofseo.com/50-freehighpagerankdirectories/
  3. www.whenweseo.com/web_directories/high_pagerank_directories.jsp
  4. www.webdirectories.ws/General/Free/
  5. www.whydowork.com/blog/seo/884/
  6. http://www.silentgun.com/2011/09/09/top-200-free-high-pagerank-web-directories/
  7. http://www.danatanseo.com/2012/03/high-pagerank-web-directory-listings.html
  8. www.bestcatalog.net/seo_tips/directories.htm
  9. http://www.webproworld.com/webmaster-forum/threads/106945-List-of-66-High-Page-Rank-(PR5-PR8)-Free-Directories
  10. http://cheatppc.blogspot.com/2008/02/top-100-high-pagerank-free-directories.html


Feel free to submit your SEO friendly high PR directory list below.

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44 Responses so far.

  1. Sheryl says:

    Great list of seo friendly directories, would you please add submitexpress.com to this list? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting these seo friendly directory lists, also wanted to let others know that it is important to post blogs or links in categories that are relevant to your website theme with the latest Google penguin update 🙂

  3. Joyce d. says:

    GreatDirectories.org is a good resource for high page rank free directories.

  4. admin says:

    Here are my top 10 high PR directory sites which include do follow and that will increase your rankings and there will be a mix of no and do-follow, anchored, and non-anchored, some with and without about me text which is the most natural, that is a SEO friendly technique to use so it does not look like spam.

    http://wordpress.org 9
    https://www.openstreetmap.org 9
    http://ohloh.net 8
    http://nature.com 9
    http://nus.edu.sg 9
    http://microsoft.com 8
    http://hp.com 9
    http://opera.com 9
    http://adobe.com 9
    http://moodle.org 9
    http://disqus.com 9
    http://mozilla.org 9
    http://www.technorati.com 8
    http://nctu.edu.tw 9


    Richard Harbeson

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